Your brand story is a multi-faceted tale, composed of people’s interpretations of your visual, verbal, and digital communication. From your spoken and written words, to your photography and design, to the conversations had with your clients and community.

Through a mix of visioning, dreaming, writing, discussion, researching, and reflecting, we will create a narrative compass that will guide you through all future marketing decisions.



What are the roots of your brand’s brand’s story?
You will reflect on the journey of your brand: from its very first moments to the big milestones, the challenges, the lessons, the celebrations, and beyond.
We will illuminate all the elements that make your brand different—what you offer that no one else can.


What drives your business? The core values and beliefs of your brand will become a touchstone for your marketing, leading you to grounded business and branding decisions. Clear definitions of your business’s values and beliefs will arise via short exercises, brainstorming, and discussion.


Tell me all your dreams and visions for your brand, regardless of how outlandish they may seem. Let’s brainstorm and discuss what your business would like in its most authentic form, as its truest self: from the everyday-minutia to a big-picture overview.


A Collaborative Collaborative Process consisting of a bit of reading, some brainstorming, and writing to be
completed by you, the client.

The client will receive their "Narrative Compass": a document that tells the brand’s story, explains the brand’s values and beliefs, and describes the vision of the brand’s future and a "Road Map", which includes marketing, design and business ideas on how to achieve their vision while using their Narrative Compass as a guide.



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Your business isn’t meant for everyone and that’s okay.
Determining who your services and products can help is a practice, as your customers, and you, are ever-evolving. I develop customer profiles and personas, by researching your current client base, looking at current client demographic data and by discussing big questions.

Upon completion you will receive a Customer Personas document, which includes thorough descriptions of each customer type, including what their challenges are, how they want to participate in your business, and what goals they have. A Road Map document, which includes ideas on how selling and marketing to your customers.


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Everything your brand does, from the style of your photography to the tone of your email marketing, is part of your brand’s true self.
All elements need to reflect your authentic brand back to your audience.
During a Brand Audit I review all elements of your brand, looking to see what is and isn’t in alignment with your brand’s values and story.

At the completion of the Brand Audit I will submit a list of ideas for each section on how to bring your brand into alignment, and ideas for growth. Together we can discuss what it would take to make the suggestions a reality.

Brand Audit

I create marketing calendars that tell a story that is grounded in a business’ values and beliefs. They are done on a bi-monthly basis at my hourly fee. To get optimal results, I ask that Marketing Calendar clients complete the Narrative Compass and Customer Persona programs before we begin. 

Marketing Calendars

Contact me for availability and pricing. 

Contact me for availability and pricing.